BPT | About Us

Bharath Polytechnic, Bangarpet

(A Unit of Bharath Educational Trust)

(Managed by Deccan Hydraulics Private Limited)

Approved by Board of Technical Examination - Bengaluru
Affiliated to AICTE - New Delhi


Our motto of 'Pragmatic & Scholastic Excellence' indicates the degree to which the Institution values quality and the recognition is committed to facilitating the development by creating an environment in which all students will achieve success and become productive individuals. Success will be fostered through meeting the academic needs of students with regard to individual learning styles and instructional levels. The staff, recognizing the changing nature of society, education, and the profession, will utilize current knowledge and ongoing assessment to enhance the learning process.


  1. To impart a holistic, traditional Qualitative Technical Education to unlock the doors of opportunity and advancement for the youth.
  2. An curricular framework, which emphasizes a learner centered education; human centered development; a knowledge centered society & an innovation centered India.
  3. Empowering and inspiring the youth to attain technical skills.
  4. Maintaining qualitative education to achieve high order of excellence in learning & personality development.


  1. To provide a safe, nurturing, and inclusive environment in which our students become critical and creative learners and independent problem solvers.
  2. As competent, responsible, and caring citizens, our students will know and apply the communication and computation skills necessary for working and contributing within a diverse global society To impart quality technical education.
  3. To create the right milieu to attain scholastic and professional growth To focus mainly on developing the technical knowledge & scientific temperament among the students.
  4. To provide personality development to practice ethical values in personal and professional life.